7 SIMPLE photography COMPOSITION TIPS you should know

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I often get asked what are simplest composition tips. In this video I share 7 photography composition tips that you can use in the field right now.

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Greg Kent says:

Very VERY helpful! Thanks for sharing!

Ra Ho says:

Great tips very well illustrated and easy to understand, many thanks.

Darren Russinger says:

Short & sweet BUT a super helpful video. Thank you for the tips & the giggle with the furry bush 😀

proach3 says:

Very good tips. Thanks

Mike Smith says:

I've been using my wife angle for the most part and recently purchased a longer lens. That'll give me something to work on.

Erik Young says:

Wonderful, shooting higher up with the wide angle is a great tip! Cheers

Guillermo Pérez says:

Great tips, thanks for the video Nigel!

AlexMPhotography. says:

Thanks for another really informative video. If you were looking for a forest to go to in the Peak District where would you go to? Thanks.

James Posilero says:

hahaha of course Gavin gets the blame!

Martin Agius says:

True words said through this vlog.

Jukka Vänskä says:

Thanks for the great tips!

Serge VICAIRE says:

Great Nigel… Tips are in the phone!!! (thanks Jamie…).
We are all waiting of the Scolands shots!!! Cheers from Alsace

Joe Elliott - My Journey To Landscape Photographer says:

Hi Nigel, fantastic tips, most of time I lower tripod… will need to try more at eye level and tilt down to create separation. Thanks man!

John Pettigrew says:

Some great tips, Nigel, enjoy Scotland, wish I was back home for some photography.

paulus0109 says:

Simple, but very useul Nigel. Thnx

Don Kennedy says:

Can’t find list of 7 tips in notes?
Am I missing something?
Brilliant video! Good photography is all around composition. Exposure or focus can be slightly off, but you can’t ignore bad composition.

Steve Strummer says:

Some great stuff Nigel, especially #3 – we're all guilty of that.
–> My top tip: When looking around at possible composition options (e.g. when looking through a rectangle you create using the first finger and thumb of each hand) try *closing one eye*. This forces you to view the scene in *2D*, which of course is how the final processed image will appear (i.e. once printed or on a screen). Our binocular 3D vision naturally imbues any vista/composition with a sense of depth, and makes it look more appealing. How often do we look through our images out of camera and think how much more 'real' or 'vibrant' the scene looked when we actually took the shot? Believe me, this does work and does force you to think harder about what will actually work when viewed in 2D.

Bill Hiskett says:

Another super set of tips, I am very guilty of getting too low down, thanks Nigel

fototripper says:

HAHAHA I resemble that remark 😉

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