5 Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Photography Game With Your Smartphone

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5 Pro Tips & Tricks to improve your photography game with your smartphone! (I’m using the Samsung S8+).

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Sunny Sarkar says:

Hey can u do a teal and orange color grading tutorial like u did in this video????

SanchoKlos says:

What is the best photo taking app? Do you use the Galaxy S8 photo app?

SanchoKlos says:

What's the editing app called? I couldn't understand you.

Jimmy Wan says:

I don't get it, where is the GAME ?!

SilkCodex VEVO says:

sub to my channel comment done and i will sub back to you

Joris Dietz says:

Like this kind of videos! Your channel isn't really worth the slogan 'learn filmmaking' unless you make more videos like this.

Vegard Pedersen says:

Nice pictures!

ALTHAF M U N N A says:

Can u show me hw u did the text effect plz

MOBEEN25 says:

thankes a lot man

MDX Remix says:


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