5 Tips to Shoot NIGHT Photos on FILM

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Radical Eye Magazine says:

5 Tips for scooter photography next pls.

Zeno Pelgrims says:

Reciprocity only clicked for me when I looked up the physics – essential each silver halide crystal on your film needs x amount of photons / unit time to be "activated". So it really is more related to the amount of light available, not the time you expose

becomingorange says:

Could you elaborate more on night film photography? Specifically your metering processes and post processes

Pedsrum says:

thanks very insightful 🙂

Jan Beers says:

Greetings from Holland Willem! Obviously you have to take note of what exact settings you use, to see later when you have the photo’s and learn from what you have done. Could you show how you take these notes? What do you record and how? How do you evaluate?
I like your films a lot!

Nick Pirro says:

ye the phone meters only go to 1 second or so , so I guess I need to get a actual meter or keep winging it for longer exposures

Géza Holényi says:

Very useful video Willem, thank you!
Let me ask a question: if you want to take a nighttime photo, without a special object in focus (you want to have the whole scene in focus), so you shoot at f8-11-16, where do you focus with the lens? Thanks for the answe and keep up the good work!

Thomas Boussu says:

ga gewoon naar school

Omar eky says:

can someone recommend a light meter app for android

Thienphu Nguyen says:

Ahh I always forget the fundamentals while shooting at night. Thanks for posting this! SUPER HELPFUL

Bonn On The Run says:

very informative! love the shots. Keep posting.

Frankie A says:

When are you coming to Mexico? Hit me up, i can show you around.

Ray Coyle says:

So I see that your light meter is like $220 – is that overly expensive for someone who is starting out? not sure what other alternatives are

Hazard says:

Thank you so much for this video ! I love to take photo at night with a Mamiya 645 pro and…it's not the most easiest thing for sure ! I would like to know how did you choose your aperture ? If you have enough light, you're going to f16 or F22 I suppose ? Or it will depends on another parameter ?

Dominik Brzostek says:

Can you Please tell me What lens do u use?

MengCheng Ko says:

stop the Squarespace ads and your channel will be much more better.

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