5 Tips for your BEST IPHONE Photography!

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These tips will get you on your way to your best mobile photos yet!
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Mark Harrison says:

Thanks for watching, I hope it helped! Come say hi over in IG – http://www.instagram.com/markharrison4

sameen says:

omg stiting on thoise rock was so freaking reckless..

Adil Ali says:

can we talk about his neck?

Ali K says:

I have watched over 3000 videos about mobile photography but this one is the best helpful video without any rubish talk and face movements to grab attention. Please make more like this.

Chris says:

Which one is better between Snapseed and LR mobile?

Lewis Coote says:

many android phones have a manual setting mode where you can change the shutter speed in order to take long exposures up to 60 seconds long

Carapher Nelia says:

I have an android and I have a long exposure feature. But great video!

victorbenedicto says:

Hey, great. subbed….. domo

Toni Meter says:

Great tips, Mark! Thanks.
People need to realize it’s not important if you have the newest model of a phone with good camera if you don’t know more how to use it well. Lightroom is a great app.

H M says:

Hi, Mark.
Why Don't You Give Tutorial with i-Phone 11 Pro/Max ❔❔❔❔❔❔

Tharith says:

A very helpful video <3 I subscribed

AiM-Win says:

Appriciate your hard work

Alejandro Sánchez Saguar says:

Buen video amigo!! Congrats!!

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