5 QUICK Travel Photography Tips.

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Some photography tips to remember the next time you travel somewhere!

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North Borders says:

turn those motherfuckin notifications on if youre a legend


Haha, my camera snap loosened on it own yesterday, shattering the lense. 🙁

Ryan Schultz says:

Curious how you like the Axis bag? I was considering getting one but there are damn near no real reviews of it on here.

Rimil Sinku says:

Hey guys! it's North Borders.
Whatsup Youtube?
"Heyy what the fucks going on?"

Nayrb says:

where did you buy your strap?

Martin Curkovic says:

Damn it, I was drinking water at exactly 1:52, where's the tea towel?

BREEZY says:

You typed Freinds instead of Friends at 0:14

Nuno Azevedo says:

Love the content!
Just one question (1:26) : What backpack are you using?


Fucking hell! Love your style mate! Have a good one from germany!

Re3dt says:

I love the fact that you're just normal and grounded enough to not be worried about swearing, being normal and genuine is everything.

Abdulrheman Qureshi says:

What the fucks going on?
How the fuck are you? XD

gleneth says:

“It’s like a fucking seatbelt mate” don’t why that cracked me up so much

Creative Gains says:

WHAT THE FUCKS GOING ON – merch anyone?

Isla Glen says:

"It's like a fucking seatbelt, mate." HAHAHAHA

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