5 Packing List Tips for Winter Travel

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I am sharing 5 packing list tips for winter travel – when you fly to a cold climate. How do you pack a suitcase for a winter vacation? In this video you will learn 5 packing tips for your upcoming winter travel. #packingtips #traveltips
The #1 packing list tip for winter travel is to wear a long sleeve t-shirt with your bulkiest sweater onto the airplane.
Also hold your jacket over your arm or in the outside pocket of your suitcase, while wearing your biggest shoes. I’ll sometimes just pack my down coat or puffer jacket into that outer pocket while I walk through the airport, even though it will not zip. When I get on the airplane, I’ll put my winter above my suitcase in the overhead bin. If it is warm when you start your winter vacation, I suggest wearing a short sleeve t-shirt with your bulkiest sweater tied around your waste.
For winter travel, pack shoes that can get wet and be warm at the same time. Athletic shoes usually have holes in the top, allowing rain to get to your socks. For winter travel, pack clothes that can mix and match. When I pack for cold temperatures I think in thin layers.

What I Used:
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Teresa Harris says:

Great video. Sensible.

Jessey Cook says:

I did use those gloves when I was in marching band at times. I preferred the fingers gloves with the folder mitten tops. Kept my hands warm, but was easy to play by taking the mitten part off, and i could still use my phone that way too.

Maram Yasser says:

Can you make a vedio about list tips for summer travelling

tinahindi says:

I love these idea. I am leaving this Thursday to New York from Florida. Wished I found your channel sooner. I am going to see if I can get those travel bag in 2 days with my bro amazon prime account. :- )

NuB82 says:

I purchased a pair of fleece – touch screen gloves (from Walmart) last winter (2017) while visiting parents (in Ohio) and they were WONDERFUL! They were completely affordable ($5) and truly functional. I did myself the favor of storing them away during hot Houston summer and they're ready to return to the cold climate this winter 2018!

Thanks for sharing tips!

Nancy goodin says:

love all the tips i am going to be a first time flyer in December can you give me tips on how to pack for child for the first time she is 6 years old . and is their any tips for travel days right before christmas .

Jeddahlyn Pankow says:

I'm gonna be doing the opposite and will be coming from a cold wintery place to a hot and humid country. I'm trying to figure out how to dress up lol thanks for this video!

Gail CARSTEN says:

As always, great tips. Thanks. I totally agree with wearing thin layers and love my CuddleDuds. Recently got back from Scotland and it was cold and windy and I was just fine because I layered up and wore my winter coat. On the outside of my suitcase where you packed your coat, I packed my umbrella, scarf and hat.

Chris Hough says:

Great tips! I live in Spokane Washington so I always wear lined leather gloves are fleece lined fabric loves. Sometimes the fingertip works on my iPhone and sometimes it doesn’t. Sure is nice when it does though! I’m traveling to Santa Cruz and Sacramento Nov 6-28, So I appreciate some of the tips you gave. Happy travels!

Chrissy8675309 C says:

Great video Laurie!

Rosie Mason says:

This will be my first time ever flying I was wondering if you can give me tips on what’s allowed in my personal item back that way it don’t make it a carry on bag

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