5 Macro Photography Tips for Beginners

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Check out the full article 👉https://momnt.io/2NLqGEY
Our last Macro Lens video 👉https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQqmyY177Oc
Download the Moment Pro Camera App 👉https://momnt.io/2uiwcUn

This lens is such a blast to shoot with! Show us what you capture with your Macro Lens.

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Kera Berpikir says:

What the ffffffff…. Taylor you're so cute ♥️

Adrian Manangan says:

Does she have IG? or Soc Med?

Ryan H says:

Great tips and photos Taylor.

iSpike says:

Way to go, girl, I now have my full set of almost everything MOMENT and now doing my research on the "HOW TO's" thank you for sharing this video and the TIPS are great. You shot that hoop in my eyes… Ummm maybe I need glasses?

leewhy 39 says:

Do you want to make an ipad case, because i like your iPhone case . so I want to use it too.


Nice tutorial Sister 🙂 I give U my Sub 🙂
Regards from Europe from my channel 🙂

Are we not entertained? says:

Whew. With respect, you guys need some macro skills and knowledge. I like your suggestion of using bright light, but of course have it very well diffused and avoid shadows. Use the Moment app to set a high shutter speed, consider this a complement of "taking a burst". Also, do be aware that macro depth of field is VERY shallow. So choose and compose your subjects to take advantage of the field… e.g. don't image a bee head on… go for side view. And also be aware that your focal plane will be waving around with your breathing and pulse… so patiently compose and capture. If you miss, take another, and another… or a burst if you want to spend even more time filtering your camera roll.

Yuji Ueno says:

No cap she a cutie

VINT13 says:

Really useful tips! Thanks!)

R. WILSON says:

Great tips. What camera case and camera did you use? Just asking because the cases for the iPhone 11 isn’t available to the masses.

Joakim Nordgren says:

#kickflip <3

Intech Music says:

Always inspiring

mohammad rafin says:

can i buy moment camera lens in Bangladesh?

Сергей Коваленко says:

Awesome video, awesome photos, awesome tips, awesome channel) Thank you for video! Hi from Georgia (not state in USA;))

Nima Bahrami says:


superflyjsc says:

Taylor is so gorgeous

Junior G says:

Patiently waiting for my iPhone 11 Pro case to be ready haha

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