5 Best Camera Accessories For Travel Photography

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Hey Focus Family, Dominick Lewis here coming to you from Barcelona. I’m on vacation testing a lot of travel photography gear and I wanted to share my thoughts on the top five best and most convenient items that I’m using. Hopefully, this gives you an idea of what you need to bring on your next trip.

The first and most important thing you need to have when traveling is a reliable camera bag. If you’re anything like me I absolutely hate bulky camera bags that scream “I’m a tourist, expensive camera gear here, ROB ME.” The goal is to be inconspicuous. That’s why I travel with the Vanguard Havana 41. It has a padded camera insert and removable dividers that can be taken out when going through TSA or if you want to use the bag as a backpack. It has dedicated pockets for essentials including a rain cover and a compartment that fits up to a 13” laptop or tablet. The two side pockets can be used to store water or a tripod with the included straps. Speaking of the straps, they have thick, comfortable padding for long excursions and you can use them to attach your camera bag to rolling luggage if need be. Most importantly, this bag looks just like a typical bookbag so nobody will suspect you’re carrying thousands of dollars on your back.

The second essential accessory you need is this MeFOTO RoadTrip Travel Tripod. This thing is perfect for traveling; it folds down to 15.6 inches, only weighs 3.6 pounds, and fully extends to 61.8 inches. It can even hold 17.6 pounds which is incredible for a tripod this size. But wait, there’s more. This tripod easily converts into a handy monopod. With just a few twists it extends up to 64 inches. It’s perfect for shooting on a hike or in crowded areas.

The third accessory isn’t exactly an accessory, in fact, its a camera. The Fujfilm SQ10 is a two-in-one digital and instant camera. It has a ¼ inch CMOS sensor and built-in filters that take square images with a 28.5mm f/2.4 aperture lens. Its built-in memory only holds 50 shots but it takes a micro SD for expanded storage. For printed photos, it uses Fujfiilm’s square format film and–check this out–now you can pick which images you want to print. If you can’t or don’t want to carry film on your trip, you can wait until you get home, pick your favorite images, and print them later. This is a perfect, versatile sidekick for photographers who want a backup to their primary camera.

The fourth accessory you must bring is this Sony VCT-SGR1 compact shooting grip for Sony Cyber-shot cameras. I’ve been using this a lot for my videos and selfies this trip. This handy grip is perfect for vlogging, travel photography, and shooting video. It easily converts from a grip to a mini tripod with adjustable shooting angles. The built-in USB connection is very useful for capture and zoom controls and works well for right and left-handed users.

Finally, to back up all of your beautiful vacation content you need the Lacie DJI Copilot. The great thing about this drive is that it’s a standalone device; this is all you need to back up your work. You can copy up to 2TB or 60 hours of 4K video files directly from your memory card to the Copilot. If you download the Copilot BOSS app you can even rename, organize, delete and save files, no laptop required. It has a drop, splash, dust resistant shell with an integrated status screen. Most importantly it doubles as a charger and comes with multiple charging outlets for international travelers.

Well, that’s all I have for you guys right now, I’m gonna go enjoy the rest of my vacation. I will see you back in Brooklyn. Peace out.

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Vanguard Havana 41BL Camera Backpack (Blue): https://bit.ly/2AVofIk
MeFoto A1350Q1K Travel Tripod Kit (Black): https://bit.ly/2AYM027
Sony VCT-SGR1 Shooting Grip and Tripod for Compact Cameras: https://bit.ly/2yndpu6
Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20 Hybrid Instant Camera: https://bit.ly/2BV0UrR
LaCie DJI Copilot BOSS 2TB Portable Hard Drive: https://bit.ly/2AYoPFf

Gear used:
Fujifilm X-T3: https://bit.ly/2ykzQ37
Tascam DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder: https://bit.ly/2NIa5hW

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