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00:04 Smart travel lifehacks
01:27 Packing tips
02:16 Best ways to fold clothes
03:15 Money safety tips for travelers
05:00 Space saving hacks
07:04 Cool soap dispenser
08:51 Clever way to store shampoo
09:38 Compact blush paper
10:31 Never lose an earring again
10:54 DIY Sushi roller organizer
11:44 How to travel with makeup
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Rebekah Evans says:

I'm traveling to Washington D.C. next week and this video really helps! Thank you!

Bushbaby Travel says:

Hello there, nice video by the way. if you could just spare a minute to take a look at our channel it would be much appreciated.

RoRo Ahmed says:

الشنطة والتي شيرت مرسوم عليه شعار القناة

laina yakarito says:

0:31 when your mom don't teach you how to storage your clothes(sorry bad English)

Rosas Rosas says:

3:35 how will they get the money??

Joaocarlos Nascimento says:

Do Joãozinho

Joaocarlos Nascimento says:

Coisa linda

sedra beauty says:

Wow really good

Rameen Ahmad says:

4:32 If you lose your mobile you will lose a 100 dollers with it

Aye it’s isla Playz says:

Did anyone see when they folded the hoodie an old lady was doing it by her hand

Can this comment get 10 likes??

Rajaejaz ahmed says:


Loveya subliminal frequency says:

First hack is amazing

Bella Anastasia says:

How would you get the money out of the soap

Kristin Jackson Gershey says:

Where on earth do you get these stuff

Kristin Jackson Gershey says:

Oh no my phone got stolen oh right I don’t care because my phone doesn’t work

Kristin Jackson Gershey says:

Put a like on my comment if you agree if you think they should talk

Kristin Jackson Gershey says:

Why don’t you guys talk

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