3 worst mistakes to avoid in product photography. Tips and Tricks – Part 1

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Ever wondered what types of mistakes are the most common in product photography?
Look no further, Alex Koloskov will show you the mistakes and how to solve them in a professional way! In this short tutorial divided into 3 parts, he will show you what is do´s and don´ts within this genre.

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Sergio Fialho says:

What transmitter are you using?

Shakir Ansari says:

Wow, Now i now how its work, Thanks Photigy

Alfred Brown says:

Great video.. simple expalnations, with sample images that demonstrate… Thanks

Xu Feng says:

waiting for the next …thanks

Farouk Aidi says:

Thanks a lot

Rainy Club 90 says:

Good job, love from india

chris knight says:

Hi what is the name of the plastic that you used for the Home made defuser
Great video thanks

Инга Макеева says:

Hello. Thank for the video! I have some questions. What to do if I have just softbox, no stripbox? And Also why do we need additional diffusor between stripbox and the subject? After all every stripbox and softbox already have diffusors????

Hamadah Hasan says:

amazing ..waiting for the next …thanks

karker said says:

I have stripboxes with grids which stays on all the time. Is that a bad idea? What is the con of that. I mean I have more control of the spill.

I am afraid of having the light spilling in to the camera if I remove the grids, but I see that you have the stripbox pointed nearly directed in to the camera

SERGII K says:

Ваши уроки в свое время очень помогли мне, спасибо большое за ваш труд. Успехов в ваших начинаниях.

Giagiakos Alexandros says:

Amazing stuff once again!

Morten Eriksen says:

This is so awesome! Thank you Alex 🙂

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