3 Secrets For Taking Incredible iPhone Travel Photos

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aldo h. says:

I actually took a photo of that cathedral lol

Pranjal Shelar says:

which iphone is it??

Ruel John Aguilar says:

1.25x speed hahaha

Valentina Sergeyeva says:

Thank you, Emil, know few things about it,an€ now – much more !

Michael says:

Just wondering why I never found this channel sooner lol

Karen Perez says:

Wow you’re amazing! I’m excited to get the most out of my new iPhone

Tommi Kobayashi says:

great tips thanks!

Aruna. A says:

Hey Emil.. is there a way to blur the background??

Lenore Bell says:

I am a member of iPhone Photography Academy, and the iPhone Editing Academy and the techniques learned have been invaluable. I create travel videos using Final Cut Pro so I like my videos to be in landscape rather than portrait. Please create YouTube video showing best way to capture landscape videos. Although I am a member of both academies, finding an IPS YouTube video is a very special treat. Thank you.

Jeremy Lerman says:

Perfect iPhone photography tutorial. Thank you for posting this, Emil.

Steve&Tess Fil-Am Trucker USA says:

I learn alot thank you so much

Anik Jnu says:

Manu many tnx,,im a travel photographer, loved ftom Bangladesh

Emmanuella Patricia says:

Where is this placee??

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