3 lenses you NEED to be using for TRAVEL!

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Hope this lens walk-through helps you with your lens choices 🙂
Feel free to ask any questions down below… I’ll respond to them all!

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Muh Taufiq Ikram says:

Cool bro,thanks 4 your tips

Ali Daghash says:

I am from Jordan and my true homeland is from Palestine. I loved this episode because it is useful ♥️

Pablo Tavares says:

oh btw, a video of how you edit your videos and photos would be much appreciated too!

Petra Pan says:

Hey Marky Mark, whats an okay and super cheap camera to start with? I´m a broke as fuck fulltime traveler and at the moment I own this pretty shitty mirrorless camera, but i want to start to shoot in a better quality. thanks for your help, mate! Cheers Juli

Noealz Photo says:

Should throw the Industar in there for it's compactness and price =p

Vitor Baggio says:

That was literally what i was searching a few days ago!! Love it!

Pablo Tavares says:

that's exactly the kind of stuff i was just looking up yesterday, and since I like your video style this is a god send. thanks bub.

Bia Bonifácio says:

Great video! Really helped me

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