25 Travel Tips (and Hacks) for the Airplane

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Here are 17 travel tips and hacks for when you fly in an airplane. If you have not flown in a long time or if you are an avid traveler or commute to work, these 17 tips and travel hacks will help you while you are on the airplane.
When you travel, this first tip for the airplane is to download your airline app to find travel tips before you get on the airplane. Many airplanes have an onboard entertainment system that you can only get to through the app. One of the airlines lets you know where the plane is coming from and where you are on the standby list and how many seats are open and more.
Another travel tip is to take all the items out that you will need during the flight and put them in the seat back pocket before you take off.

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soL_21_ says:

Have you ever flown Lufthansa? The carry on size is 21.5”. Do you know of any good carry one that size? TIA

Leticia Martinez says:

Awesome always something different and good

Maxine Sandry says:

Thanks for all the tips , good to hear your review on the foot hammock.

Gail CARSTEN says:

Regarding the Diet Coke tip. What is the tip? That it takes longer to pour the Diet Coke? Does it really matter since you're not going anywhere once you're on the plane?

Pamela Wiggins says:

Are those underseater bags with the wheels, good/legal as a personal item?


You were the same person that told us dont carry my cricket bat thank you because i saw someone who took a bat with him and the security took it im glad i watch your videos also can i get a shoutout

Erin says:

I'm so sorry, what was the diet coke tip? I tried rewatching but didnt understand the advice you are giving. at 11:43

janice w says:

Really enjoy this channel.

Shirley Whitfield says:

Wonderful!! Looks like you are better.

jayne robbins says:

Hi Laurie, Could you please link your travel wallet? It is the perfect size for travel. Thank you!,

Kathleen Mrugala says:

Thanks for your great tips. I was wondering if you wear compression socks on all airplane trips even if you wear capris?

Kristin U says:

And yogurt… that's another one to open away from you. BTDT!

Theresa Wagar says:

Gotta say I always freeze on the plane no matter what the season I'm flying. I can't remember the last time I wore a skirt on a plane. LOL. With the blue strip of tape, do you just fold the sticky sides together? That's what it looked like in the video. Love your ideas! I'm going to try the travel hammock on my trip to Ireland in the fall. Thanks a bunch!

Diane Hall says:

Reclining our seat back is something my husband and I don’t do. We want the person behind us to be as comfortable as possible, without our taking part of their space. Also, we don’t put anything in the seat back pocket. We don’t want to forget anything, it’s germy and we don’t want the person in front of us to feel any tugging. Thinking of others is just part of being a thoughtful, considerate fellow passenger.

onelazysusan says:

Amen on the airline apps! A text from the airline alerted us to a fog delay that would have been a vacation disaster. An airline rep was able to reroute us, allowing us to drive to our connection (closer to our home) and we were able to get to Korea when all of our plans needed us to be there. Double silver lining is that returning to the connection airport, rather than the original one saved us many hours on our return. And it was far less expensive than if we had booked through the closer airport in the first place.

Amanda McKenna says:

I travelled in Australia recently and they have banned the use of foot hammocks or anything else that you attach to the tray table. FYI.

Diane Waggner says:

Hi Laurie, love your channel, your suggestions are so helpful. I have heard that the Foot Hammock does not work for taller people, I'm 5'8", do you think it will work ok for me?

Angela Fenn says:

Great tips! Really appreciate your sharing generosity!

Cindy Vine says:

Love your practical tips!

Hootymae says:

Thanks Laurie! Great tips as always…saving this one to watch in July when we fly to Venice.

Susan McCullough Branch says:

Love your tips! And love your kitty!!

Susan Diekmann says:

Laurie, thank you! You reminded me of three things I hadn't yet placed on my carry-on backpack list for our upcoming trip. Helpful video, once again!

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