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Night has landed in Varanasi, India and the ceremonies have begun! The darkness brings with it many challenges when it comes to photography. Low light and a mixture of colours is only the start in [More]
A live talk I did in May 2017 for the Travel Photographer Society in Kuala Lumpur.
There are plenty of misadventures involved in being a travel photographer. But, for the photos, it’s almost always worth it. My Instagram: My Camera Gear: Here on this photo trip in Mongolia we [More]
In this tutorial we look at how to shoot portraits at night. We look at three different night photography techniques you can use with any equipment that you have. We use natural light and available [More]
Tourisme Travel Channel Plante un arbre de saucissier sur des cailloux au Kélenn de Carantec Nghỉ hè ở biển
Discussing some of the factors that make it easier to travel around the world than you might have realized. NEED GEAR FOR YOUR TRAVELS? Visit Gabriel’s Amazon e-store for ideas: PLANNING A BUDGET TRAVELING [More]
СОВЕТЫ ПУТЕШЕСТВЕННИКАМ! My 22 best travel tips В этом видео делюсь с вами советами в путешествия исходя из личного опыта + подготовка к перелету; что взять с собой в самолет. Cпасибо за просмотр! Надеюсь видео [More]
Danas gledate vlog sa Lustice. Ovo poluostrvo posecujem poslednjih 15ak godina i uvek sam ga dozivljavala kao veoma blisko mesto na svetu. Igrom slucaja, Lakijevi koreni su bas ovde pa imamo veliku srecu da on [More]
Chinatown, Singapore is located at Outram district in the Central Area of Singapore. Chinatown contains Chinese cultural elements and ethnic Chinese population. Narrow roads of Chinatown includes Chinatown Food Street, with its restaurants serving traditional [More]
A tour of Haji Lane and afterwards, the Bugis area.
We had one day to explore Beijing so we crammed The Temple of Heaven, The Forbidden City, Beihai Park, and The Summer Palace all into one amazing day of touring! Hope you enjoy seeing the [More]
First stop in China’s Yunnan Province, is Kunming. Yunnan’s largest city and capital, also known as the “city of eternal spring”. PLACES: Green Lake Park Kunming, Zoo Featuring Travellight ☞ JOIN MY COMMUNITY ☞ [More]
Yeah G’day mate! Today we’re going into the city to do some night photography with a theme of cyberpunk. MY NEW LIGHTROOM PRESETS: Free 30 Day Trial for Epidemic Sound (where I get all [More]
In this video, I will explain how you can shoot DSLR like mobile photography in the night with your mobile phone in Tamil Tech – These Photos were shot with Oneplus 7 🔥 SUBSCRIBE FOR [More]
VOTE FOR MY VIDEO IN A GLOBAL VIDEO COMPETITION! Find out more here in the description box, or click here to see a video with more detailed instructions (they are in the middle of the [More]
This week I teamed up with my friends from ‘Chinese Cooking Demystified’ and visited the local chinese market! We gathered lots of fresh, in-season ingredients to make a 3 course cantonese meal, and the results [More]