20 Cook Islands Essential Travel Tips | Perfect Vacation Guide

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If you’re wondering where NEED TO TRAVEL in 2020, then the COOK ISLANDS should be at the top of your 2020 travel bucket list. In this 4K video I’ll share 20 essential travel tips for the perfect vacation to the Cook Islands, one of the world’s most beautiful island chains, that is waiting for you to discover. Let’s go!

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Lucky7Liz23 says:

What's the weather like in October?

photos tours says:

Aitutaki, best for relax, friendly locals and amazing small islands (one foot island). Spent a perfect week. If you need info, message me.

Tunetank — No Copyright Music Library says:

Amazing content, Alex! Always nice and satisfying to watch your videos

Danny Dirven says:

Such a beautiful place! Also love the completeness of this travel guide

Rita Zurc says:

Great video!

Anjamulu says:

I'm moving to Rarotonga soon for a year and your video makes it seem even more unreal ! What a beautiful destination…

Layla says:

woww, I see the difference of your videos and hiw much get clear and bright

Arron Bryan says:

Such a paradise! Aitutaki is not be missed, totally worth the extra cost. For Brits based in the UK, the best way to see the Cooks is with Air New Zealand. You can book an Auckland return via LAX or Singapore from as little as a gr and (depending on the time of year). So if you've a trip planned to NZ then the Cooks are super easy to add on. One thing to remember is that on Friday's only there's a direct flight from Rarotonga to LAX so that's worth bearing in mind too. Possibly the cheapest Round the World ticket out there!

Pamy H. says:

Please dont take this as patronising because that's not how this is meant but your unique selling point is the intellectual approach you take. Geography, geology and socio- economics are fascinating, useful to know and very rare in travelogues. Keep them coming because I love them!!!

Chris Brindle says:

Thanks so much Alex for a great, informative video. My wife and I are going for a week in Aitutaki the last of March. It's been on our list since we flew near there on our way back from Australia years ago. I went to kindergarten in Guam so I love the Polynesian culture. Did you have any issues with mosquitoes in Aitutaki? I teach geography in a high school and I have shared some of your previous productions. It was so great to show them relevant footage from the Aral Sea. Much respect for journey through life.

MrRamyon74 says:

Had our honeymoon there…. 20 years ago, so relaxing

Shannon Schulte says:

I loved this video. I went about 6 months ago. Dogs and roosters in abundance. Man them roosters are relentless, they go at all hours. I stayed near Muri in Matavera by the KAPS gas station. I was bummed because the day I went to Aitutaki the snorkeling wasn't great. But I am hoping to make it back next year to bring my niece. Charlie's doesn't mess around, huge portions. I got lucky and stayed at an airbnb that was an organic farm and cooked us breakfast everyday. Oh I also got lucky and got to know the owner of the pearl farm. I think she lived on Mangaia but came to the main island to reload on her jewelry supply. They supply pearls to all of the stores on raro. I brought back some beautiful pieces. Man, i love watching your videos. It sparks something in me to just wanting to go and try new things.

Lauren Aida says:

Been so high on my bucket list ever since learning about Rarotonga in my intro to anthro class years ago!

Sheldon Manson says:

I was just on holiday in Cape town now my bank account is crying

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