20 Best Travel Destinations of 2020

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Don’t you love the feeling of exploring a destination you’ve never been to? I do too. Using my best 4K footage from around the world I’ll show you the TOP 20 BEST TRAVEL DESTINATIONS that you must visit in 2020.

I’ll show you where to travel, what to do and when to go, plus how to save money. Let’s make this the best year of travel and exploration yet.

I’m Alex, I’m a travel filmmaker, photographer, and TV host. On this channel, I’ll share some travel vlogs, practical inspirational videos from lessons I’ve learned in my life and photography/ filmmaking tips to help you learn new skills and grow your creativity.

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Here’s a list of all the 20 Best Travel Destinations to visit in 2020.
1) The Cook Islands
2) Bhutan
3) Japan
4) The Netherlands
5) Morocco
6) The United Kingdom
7) Tanzania
8) Ireland
9) Costa Rica
10) Slovenia
11) Chilean Patagonia
12) India
13) Antarctica
14) Laos
15) Spain
16) Poland
17) Uzbekistan
18) Sri Lanka
19) New Zealand
20) Alaska

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AlexTheVagabond says:

Hey Vagabonds, which destination are you MOST EXCITED about TRAVELING to in 2020? Let me know in the comments!

sala hong says:

Hi Alex, thanks for your sharing and information, have you ever been Ras Al Khaimah, the United Arab Emirates. Can you share your experience? thanks~~

John Donaldson says:

Just watched this one video on your channel. The content was good. For me you sit too close to the camera which makes me feel uncomfortable every time your face shows up.

Kaushila Thilakasiri says:

Thank you for adding Sri lanka to your list.

Summer Vibes says:

you lucky dog

luis marques says:

No Portugal?

Doina Sandu says:

you should go to Romania ,you will be in love

Yamirka Ibarra says:

You so handsome. I can see your videos forever

Aindrea Hughes says:

Awesome video! Love the quality of your work it's amazing

zeeshan zafar says:

Pakistan declared world’s third highest potential adventure destination for 2020

Discover why Pakistan has been voted the #1 destination to visit in 2020

Pakistan was named the top holiday destination for travelers for the year 2020 by the United States-based luxury and lifestyle publication Conde Nast Traveler.
But u missed it even in total of your 20 list just because of lake of your less world experience….any way keep it up

George Bijay says:

Visit Nepal Year in 2020! Nepal is one of the most-top destinations for trekking!

Cool Photographer says:

$200 a day for the visa…. no way hozay

Elias Jakob says:

I am sorry to disappoint you, but the eclipse will not be at Torres del Paine but rather in Northern Patagonia, to be exact the Region de la Araucania with ancient Araucaria Forest under glowing snoecapped Volcanos. Here is a Eclipse Reccomendation… you get as close to the Volcan Villarica and possible and watch the Eclipse from there… it is a snowcapped Peak, which also glows At night and it will be below the Eclipse. The Parque Nacional Villarica has the best Night sky I have ever seen (better than the Atacama Desert) and you should see the Volcano glowing during the Eclipse. My Personal plan for it is to fly to Chile from Germany and Climb up the Volcano to the Lava lake, while seeing the Shadow from the Moon going over The lakes and Plains of Chile making it Dark and then the shadow will go over the Andes to argentina. You should definetly go to that area during the Eclipse.

Alfonso Blancas says:

Have you been to a place that you find recommend?

Linda Logan says:

Alex, thanks for the Incredible video. Now I have to add a lot to my bucket list!! I had the pleasure of visiting five countries in November of 2019. MONTENEGRO was one of them and it was incredible! Have you been? I highly recommend!!

Dana Casteel says:

You missed Norway! If you've never been, you must go!!!

Lara Baker says:

Ahh that shot of Carrie going into Hangar my fave coffee shop is surreal

Mariana González says:

What a video!!! Loved it!! Couldn’t agree more on that list! I’d add Singapore! Thank you for the inspiration and hard work Alex!!

ForgetMeNot says:

2:50 correction: Bhutan only borders India and China. Nepal Bangladesh and Bhutan dont touch eachother, there's India in between. And Myanmar is nowhere close to Bhutan border.

Fear facts says:

Anyone planning of coming to Canada? spitting in front of people is the newest way of showing a good taste of diversity and hatred. It is our trendy modern culture.

Diana Harris says:

Yeah soooo… Where do i find the time to travel all these now? T_T

Ankit Dalal says:

Bhutan is not bordered by Bangladesh or Myanmar.

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