15 Tips That Will Improve Your Photography

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Spencer Cox’s top photography tips! How to improve your photography and take better pictures of any subject, in under 10 minutes.

Some of these tips may seem kind of basic if you’re an advanced photographer, but I think even pros will find useful information here. After all, even the best photographers have *some* weak points (tip #13)!

Timestamps for each tip:

0:08 – Use the camera you already have
1:03 – Pay attention to the emotions of the light
1:39 – Don’t overexpose your highlights
2:15 – Put thought into your photography
2:51 – Know when to use a tripod
3:33 – Use fill flash when the situation requires it
4:12 – Look behind you
4:47 – Capture your subject doing something
5:31 – Keep your lens clean and don’t use cheap filters
6:13 – Move around
6:48 – Learn basic post-processing
7:23 – Organize and back up your photos
8:05 – Find and fix your weak points
8:42 – Look through your old photos
9:15 – Practice, practice, practice

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Rich Barschdorf says:

Like trying to capture motion.

Firecraft Jack says:

Love the channel and your website. You have some absolutely fantastic tips and info for the aspiring photographer.

Mohamed Saeedhu says:

I like this very much

Steve Miller says:

That is a fantastic checklist to taking better images. I need to print it and tape it to my forearm whenever I go shooting. I intuitively do most of that, but I forget something every time I shoot.

I used to go out and setup in one spot and shoot till the light is gone. Only recently have I made a point to arrive early and scope out several potential comp's and try to shoot images from each. Of course; the light dictates what is shot and when.

I'm always chasing the light.

You guys have a fantastic YT channel, thank you for the effort in publishing this content.

Tracy Green says:

First I would like to say I truly enjoy your videos and tutorials. They pack plenty information.
But I'm have trouble with making my photos interesting. I know one of my problems is my settings. I having trouble with choosing the correct ones. Could you please offer any suggestions on this for me? I'm open to any!!

Steve Thornes says:

Great advice. Many thanks.

Oleksandr Basov says:

These are really the things we all need to keep in mind when taking good photos. Thank you so much!

Antistio Labeo says:

This was honestly the best video about photography I've every watched. It's so refreshing hearing some honest, rational and yet ironic thinking out there. The fact that this channel only has less than 30k subscribers where greedy and pretentious people like many on YT have millions is just criminal.

Carl Jarvinen says:

Nothing new in any of the tips, but always good to hear them now and again until they all become second nature. Especially #15 Practice, Practice , Practice…thanks…

Sniper Photography says:

Great presentation.Glad that I have found your channel. Sniper Photography

Natalia Skorokhod says:

Great tips! 🙂
Also, love your humour.

Trap Town says:

Photography Life

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