14 Best Summer Travel Destinations to Visit in 2018

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This extensive list shows the 14 best summer travel destinations in the world. Alex and Marko, the Vagabrothers give you pro budget travel tips on what to do in the best summer travel destinations!

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Whether you’re looking for insanely affordable budget travel destinations or want to experience the best that summer has to offer, here’s the 14 best summer travel destinations to visit now in 2018. Don’t forget to leave your tips in the comments sections and upvote this video on Reddit!

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If you want to know where to travel, how to travel on a budget and which countries are the cheapest destinations in the world, then Vagabrothers is the travel channel you’ve been looking for!

This video shares the best places to travel this summer of 2018, from Spain to Mongolia, Argentina to Indonesia, Berlin to Turkey and everywhere in between.

Whether you’re looking for sun and beaches, mountains and nature, or the best cities to visit now, our channel will help you find it. We’ll also help inspire you to be a travel minimalist, show you how to pack for backpacking in Europe, Asia and South America and give you travel tips, hacks and advice for your next big adventure!

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vagabrothers says:

TELL US WHERE YOU WANT TO GO THIS SUMMER!!! Make sure you're subscribed with notifications enabled so you don't miss any new videos! Stay curious, keep exploring and we will see you on the road!

Lena chan says:

My summer destination for this year is Montenegro. Since I live in europe I dind't wanna spent much money on the flight. Montenegro has also cheap hostels and food, beautiful beaches and mountains for hiking. So if anyone looking for an affordable desrination in europe I can recommend Montenegro 🙂

عجائب و غرائب says:

you forgot to add Canada on this list especially Nova Scotia, B.C and Alberta

Anna Kiseleva says:

Have you guys visited Russia? 🙂 I haven't seen it on any of your lists yet.

Moush Travels says:

This is such a unique idea. I would recommend Turkey. Also, beaches of Spain are really beautiful. The beaches & resorts are so exotic, with some mouthwatering food. Mind you, this is not expensive. Super stuff, keep rocking!

MD GH says:

But … if it’s your first time to Europe I think you must go to the touristy locations

Alex Travel says:

Borneo is one of the places that i reeeeally want to see

Samantha Aqua says:

I can't wait to travel!!!☺✈

aanchal kumar says:

I just came back from Spain and Portugal!!!! Lovely countries and love your tips and videos 🙂 keep travelling and inspire us

lynda Thackrey says:

Hey guys.. You know I love you. I agree with some of comments on here, Portugal should be on this list. I have already been to Spain and Morocco this year but I feel travel is becoming more expensive and cheap airlines are the thing of the past. So this summer I'm staying in my home country Scotland. I'm totally embracing stay vacation this year. Not all of us have the luxury of extra cash to travel or long time annual leave. So I recommend wherever you live in the world jump in your motor take a coach trip or travel on local rail lines and explore you're nearest destination to wherever you live. Especially if weather is great. Happy travelling

Sir Braydos says:

You did an Australian accent for New Zealand, they sound similar but are fairly different

Alex Kozlowski says:

I went to Berlin 2 years ago for Labor Day. Got wasted and ate Turkish kebab on the streets with some Berliner friends. 10/10 would go back for the strong beer and good people… oh and the kebab.

tyleromega12 AKA TeaBunz says:

I love your content . Another great video for people who live for travel

Govind N says:

If one is interested in riding motorcycle or a vehicle ride across the vast Himalayas….. visit leh in India …imbibe the Tibetan culture …have an adventurous yet dangerous himalyan journey. Also for the adventure junkies are various trekking destination in the Indian Himalaya ranges….it's not for anyone though

Younis Abuzayed says:

Air Flights Ticket
Book Hotels

charleen hopkins says:

yea Europe cool

Barnali D says:

You always come up with such unique places and make them so interesting to me. Always!

charleen hopkins says:

nar our summer is November and yea thats NZ

JAY SHAH says:

Awesome video as always. My favorite bros!!

Grayson Greco says:

I’ve got plans to visit Peru, Spain, and Morocco this summer!

Algerian mohamed says:

first time that i came across your channel and i immediately subbed after getting so much inspiration for my next adventures ! thanks 🙂

truestory says:

What is that in 12:40 ? I've seen it in Portugal, but wasn't sure what it was, so did not take it 😀

M Fedor says:

great effort, nice video! Thanks xxx

emonique989 says:

In two weeks I will visit Montego bay, Jamaica for the first time. I am very excited. I enjoyed the food portion of this video as always!

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