12 Tips To INSTANTLY Improve Your Photography Composition

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In this video we look at 12 tips you can use to instantly improve your photography. We look at lighting and composition techniques for beginners to improve their portraits and photography in general

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Bach Photography says:

Thanks for watching everyone! Quick mention, I messed up the images at around 4:20, they should be the other way round 🙂

Jaymes Media says:

Beautiful job

Pratik Saha says:

I've just binge watched all your vids! I love your content!


I found myself liking several of the x ones more

johan bauwens says:

Looking out of the frame could be fun too

Neil Logan says:

Love these videos. Very helpful!

Peter Jones Dela Cruz says:

Thanks for these tips.

WSCPhotography C.E.O. says:

Needed this composition video. I struggle with framing but this helps alot. CHEERS.

Alex Lopez says:

love the tips

Al Karambo says:

Wow a video again ! Keep on doing it!

Al Karambo says:

Wow a video again ! Keep on doing it!

Danish Javed says:

You are doing a great job.
Thankyou for your content,helping me a lot ❤

Eric Jackson says:

Thanks for this video. Gave me a lot to think about.

Tyler warlick says:

I think the negative headspace pictures are 4:17 are reversed. The bad one has a check mark.

James Hart says:

Really great tips and easy to implement! Thank you!

Nathan Kim says:

4:02 I think you mix up the two photos of what to do and what not to do.

i'm Romanian says:

Great video man, thanks! and…Bach is my favorite composer.

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