11 Essential Travel Tips for Rome Italy

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These are 11 ESSENTIAL travel TIPS for your next trip to Rome, Italy. Want to travel to Rome and make the most of your next Italian vacation? This video is for you! From the Colosseum to Vatican City and everything in between. #Rome #RomeItaly #Travel #Tips #Italy

I’m Alex, I’m a travel filmmaker, photographer and TV host. On this channel I’ll share some travel vlogs, practical inspirational videos from lessons I’ve learned in my life and photography/ filmmaking tips to help you learn new skills and grow your creativity.

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Mircea Costiniuc says:

great video! Thanks!

simone bye says:

I am going to Rome for my 40th with my partner it been a dream of mine seen I was a child I love History and were better to go than Rome , If it was not for the Romans we would have a lot of things in are cultures for example Fast food aka Street food, Adverting and Trademarks, plumbing and Sanitation, Towns, Architecture, Roads, Our Calendar, Currency, Latin, Bureaucracy and so much more. what not to love about Rome.

john carr says:

Another great video! It is so well thought out and researched. Thanks!

willp0wer85 says:

I wish you posted this video before I arrived. I’m in Rome now and this would’ve been so helpful because we crunched everything in two days.

shrubs1y2 says:

Hey Alex, loved this!!! Love Rome but there is one tip I want to share with anyone who, like me, gets travel sick AND booked accommodation outside of the city. I rented a car – not difficult or even particularly expensive. However, almost 4 year after i got home i got a letter from a UK debt collection agency telling me I had committed some traffic violation and the Municipality of Rome had sent them the paperwork to collect a massive fine!!!! Much arguing with the debt collection agency, alongside much research, identified that this is a situation that many foreign tourists find themselves in but getting clear evidence that I did actually commit the crime was impossible. Eventually, learned the agency sent the debt back to the Municipality of Rome and I've heard nothing since. Its completely unclear whether this is now history or whether it may come back to haunt me. Do I want to go back to Rome? Hell yeah!!! Will I? Well, I don't know. I cant find out whether its real or a scam!!!! Either way, if motion sickness is not an issue, use the public transport!!!!! Problem solved.

waad torkhani says:

You know that the Roman when they came to Tunisia they build a coliseum there called jham yes it's smaller but it's way detailed and nicer so if your budget can't afford rome you can go there ( btw Tunisia has a lot of history from kartage , Roman , Barbaric, Arabic, French …. and nature: Forrest, beaches , Sahara…)

vagabrothers says:

Nice one Alex!

Elena Delfanti says:

Very good Alex! I am Italian (lived in Rome for several years, but now am in Lugano area). One of the few videos I have seen about Italy giving good and correct advise!

Stacey Pearce says:

"All roads lead to Rome…" Me: what about France? j but awesome video!

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