10 Ways You're Traveling To Singapore Wrong

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changi airport singapore stamp on white background. changi airport singapore logo. airport stamp sign. Singapore aerodrome symbol.
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Airplane taking off from the airport.
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Cooked crab on hot pot and dark background – Seafood boiled red stone crabs
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Stylish escalator vector design illustration isolated on white background
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young attractive and defiant Asian Chinese police officer in uniform holding defense stick looking serious and inquisitive isolated on white background in law enforcement occupation
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Road sign indicating the direction of Singapore airport and a plane that just got up.
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fresh whole lobster ramen
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Minimal modern business card design featuring geometric elements
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umbrella icon vector
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“Duty free” sign in the airport building
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Chewing gum packaging mint and citrus 3d vector set
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Vodkas Rhum Gin Alcohol liquors drinks bottles
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Map of Southeast Asia
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Indonesia political map
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Tall city buildings and a plane flying overhead in morning
ake1150sb/Getty Images
Blue hour
pat138241/Getty Images
Singapore Changi Airport
AhLamb/Getty Images
ShaunWilkinson/Getty Images
Aircraft Ground Handling at the Airport Terminal
ronniechua/Getty Images
Changi Airport control tower against a dark cloudy sky
kokkai/Getty Images
Arrival Sign
sivarock/Getty Images
Couple of Travellers at the Airport and Sun
zodebala/Getty Images
sansara/Getty Images

Slow motion – Young Asian woman eating shrimp seafood in restaurant, teenager female feeling happy eating food. Women eating seafood concept.
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Group Of Senior Friends Enjoying Meal In Outdoor Restaurant
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closeup of hands counting new stack of hundred dollar bills
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4K, Time lapse inside departure termina Suvarnabhumi Airport bangkok Thailand
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4k timelapse china
2Dwork/Getty Images
Friends having shots at bar counter
Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images
Diverse Group of Friends Celebrate with a Toast
gorodenkoff/Getty Images
Airplane Landing Singapore
Ankabala/Getty Images
Botanical Garden Of Singapore.
Micro Vovk/Getty Images
Botanical Garden Of Singapore.
Micro Vovk/Getty Images
timelapse of people
travelism/Getty Images
Playful girl in red wear blows bubblegum. Pretty african american woman stands on pink background.
Kristina Kokhanova/Getty Images
pixs4u/Getty Images
4k Aerial city view of Bangkok downtown, Flying over Bangkok, Thailand.
Punyawee Punyawee/Getty Images
4k Aerial city view of Bangkok downtown
Punyawee Punyawee/Getty Images
naumoid/Getty Images
Customer at coffee shop pays smiling waitress with card
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YuriFineart/Getty Images
Time lapse video of escalators in shopping mall (HD 1080)
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etienne voss/Getty Images
Widebody airplane landing
ivz/Getty Images
Airplane landing at Singapore
Arkadiusz Warguła/Getty Images
Food center, cafeteria, timelapse
NalineImages/Getty Images
Botanical Garden Of Singapore.
Micro Vovk/Getty Images
alexisstock/Getty Images
Woman in swimsuit jumping in pool and splashing crystal clear water. Slow motion Back view
OlehSlepchenko/Getty Images
Vintage Film Projector.
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Slow motion of African American man enjoying film in cinema laughing smiling
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rexzillaz/Getty Images
Grove Gardens in Singapore
toni salvatella/Getty Images
Night to day time lapse video, view of Downtown district in Singapore city, Singapore
orpheus26/Getty Images
SLOW MOTION – Group of friends running on the beach at sunset
rexzillaz/Getty Images



urban iten says:

Sloppy work…didn't bother fact-checking huh. Tons of wrong info.

bagondreamer says:

1:45 umm so like i'm not singaporean but I went there recently and I can without a doubt confirm that these shots are not the HSBC rain vortex, that's the cloud forest at GBTB…

barakath nisha says:

That is not Jewel, its Gardens By the Bay

Darkness says:

Actually if u can just use a human or like a bag to chope seats would be best rather then a tissue paper like maybe if u have kids or are going out and eat with frens you can do it like a tag team while one person/kids goes and find seats the other people/adults could start ordering their own food this plan is best when like a hawker Center is crowded and it’s much more efficient

Wee Xiu Wen says:

jewel suddenly became gardens by the bay cloud forest

Sim Roysten says:

Leftover food at restaurants (only) can be requested to be packed at no extra charge.

ken61175 says:

Immigration officers do not confiscate chewing gum if you bring it in…. unless you are talking about a carton or more.

Jeremiah Say says:

The fact that you spelt 'traveling' instead of 'travelling' means you also get it wrong.

Ginger Berry says:

Props to the both of ‘em for the Singaporean content. Please ignore these Keyboard Warriors and hope you guys have a great New Year’s ✨

Isabel Tan says:

If u manage to bring gum into Singapore congrats to u but if u try to hide the more ppl will know so jus chew coz its not illegal to chew gum

prankzter starr says:

Wait! That’s not picture of jewel! That’s gardens by the bay dome!

Brandon - says:

Not sure what accent that girl is sporting. Not Singaporean, not American… Perhaps an amalgamation of both? I'm so lost.

Raymond Chia says:

Just have to remember in Singapore there are 3 things that are the most expensive.
1. Smoking: cigarettes are very expensive, as a tourist get yours at the Duty Free. Bring a long your passport when you are being checked by the undercover authorities. P. S. Look for the gathering of fellow smokers. Do NOT light up when you feel like it.
2. Drinking (Alcohol): sale of alcohol is restricted after 2230 (10:30PM) in most parts of Singapore. Don't worry you still can drink in the bars or nightspots. Just don't expect to buy them from the local shops.
3. Driving: nope, not gonna explain that. Just know that we depend heavily on our public transportation system.

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