10 Sports Photography Tips

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Ten Tips to improve your sports photography.


Jess Hook says:

good video…It was a little hard to hear but still very good

mark sawyer says:

Shooting low light high school football has got to be the hardest. My tip is. You have to know the sport. Know where to be when to be. If its a right handed QB or left. Makes a big difference. I shoot a lot of hockey. To stop motion my shutter is at at lest 1/1250. With a !DX II. Thanks for the video..

Rex Owen Waide says:

Great information. Thanks!

Shutterista says:

Thanks for the helpful tips. I don't shoot sports very often (other than volume photography) so I appreciate the ideas.

65ondubz says:

faces and balls lol

Francisco Caban says:

Helpful tips thanks coach

Jose Esquilin says:

The reason you shoot JPG and is often required by wire services – is to minimize the time to process. Also you have consistent editing – So although I shoot Raw for all other things – JPG is required for MaxPreps as an example.

Philip James says:

Great tips but I don't personally shoot sports RAW. My 7dii buffers like a bastard. I get great results with JPEG. I shoot everything else RAW though.

Daniel Moore says:

A 70-200 f2.8 is far too expensive for a beginner photography I would highly recommend fro beginners to go for the 70-200 f4

Fotograf Marvin Løvenfeldt says:

You can go a long way with the Canon EF 70-200 f4 IS version too, It weighs half of the 2.8 version (important if you shoot all day long) and cost half of what the 2.8 version cost. It's ultra sharp and just as good as the 2.8 version. Check the tests and reviews online. I own it and love it. Did a wedding where the light in the church was extremely bad. Pictures was fine. My Canon 80D did it perfectly.

Heather Bell says:

Great tips delivered at my level, thank you. Thank you also for not putting music into the background of the video.  I find that so distracting and unnecessary.

Shooting-Stars Photography says:

Hi Vincent! my path into photography is pretty much the same as you have followed. I wish I had watched your videos when I was starting out!  Keep it up!!

Joe Cerda says:

tamron 70-200 2.8 G2 amazing lens!

gregc107 says:

Good info but you don't use back button focus at all? Agrees with the no chimp rule. I don't but I see press photogs do it all the time. Raw at the point you worry about your EV, but if you have decent light then go with Jpeg.

Gymnasium settings for me

My Shutter – 1/640th of a second (allows slight motion in hair and clothing) but 1/1000th should stop all motion

My Aperture F2/8 – F3.5(later setting allows for a bit more DOF depth of field)

ISO – Indoors 3200-5000 depending on lighting in facility. But I try to not push the limits of the camera to produce grainy photos. I never use auto ISO settings, since in a gym where u have light flicker the camera may keep trying to compensate for what it might think are different lighting conditions.

White Balance (WB) – I use Pre [Preset Manual] or Auto in good unchanging light conditions, For balance under preset conditions a White card or White wall can be used.

Great job of covering..

Jakob Paubel says:

Very informative and great delivery. Thank you.

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