10 Reasons to Visit Ukraine Travel Tips

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Are you considering traveling to Ukraine? Come find out 10 reasons to visit Ukraine along with some of our best travel tips to make your trip to Ukraine as enjoyable as possible.

On a personal level, Ukraine was the most pleasantly surprising country we visited this year on tour across Europe. Not knowing what to expect and not having much time to prepare we arrived in Ukraine with fresh eyes while hitting the ground running.

Overall we visited Kiev and Lviv and left wanting to explore more of Ukraine. How expensive is Ukraine? Our top 10 reasons to visit Ukraine covers accommodation, food, attractions and transportation along with a slew of other travel tips.

10 Reasons to Visit Ukraine Travel Tips

1) Ukraine is Affordable for travelers

-$15-35 per night for entire apartments using Airbnb
-Great value meals for about $5-10 per person for a full meal or less for a budget meal
-Metro tickets in Kiev only cost 5 HRV ($0.20)
-Groceries reasonably priced – we loved chocolate + wine

2) Ukraine is an Underrated Country to Visit

-We didn’t encounter many other tourists – especially International visitors
-Attractions were not overrun and sometimes if we visited early enough on a weekday we had places to ourselves
-The only exception to that is churches because they’re active places of worship

3) Safety

-News coverage would suggest Ukraine is unsafe but we found Kiev and Lviv to be very safe when we visited (along the border with Russia could be a different story)
-We walked around with our cameras without any issues
-No hassles while walking around
-I went jogging at night in Kyiv
-Locals are out enjoying life – playing chess in parks, eating in restaurants and using public spaces for concerts

4) Friendliness of locals in Ukraine

-Really good and friendly service at restaurants (some English spoken most of the time)
-Great AirBNB hosts who both went above and beyond to help us
-Even with language barrier smiles aplenty
-As a travel tip for Ukraine learn to read the Cyrillic alphabet

5) Traditional Ukrainian Food in Kiev and Lviv

-Good local food scene – for all price points
-Typically Ukrainian cuisine is hearty and filling
-Some of our favorite Ukrainian food includes the following:
a) varenyky (dumplings)
b) banosh (polenta, bacon and sheep’s cheese)
c) deruny (potato pancakes with sauce)
d) borscht

6) Thriving International Food Scene

-Georgian cuisine
-Korean food
Italian style pizzas
-Pop up cafes and food trucks in parks and on street corners

7) Transportation

-awesome metro system in Kiev (grand stations and deep underground + affordable prices)
-deepest station in the world in Kyiv (5 minutes)
-great connections from airport to city center in Kyiv
-taking the train from Kiev to Lviv and it was efficient, on time and comfortable

8) Architecture in Ukraine

-interesting mix of a bit of Soviet but mostly ornate European architecture
-some parts look like they could belong in Paris or Buenos Aires and other parts are distinctly soviet
-painted in cheerful colors

9) Ukrainian Churches in Kyiv and Lviv

-Orthodox churches and monasteries in Kyiv – main attractions
-ornate and onion domes – impressive on inside and outside
-women need to cover up in Orthodox churches
-active places or prayer
-witnessed weddings in Lviv
Lviv features numerous types of churches

10) Variety and diversity of places to visit in Ukraine

-Kyiv is very different from Lviv (worth visiting both)
-We didn’t get to Odessa which has been highly recommended
-Other places of potential interest include Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk and Carpathian Mountains

What are some other places in Ukraine you’d recommend visiting? Any Ukraine travel tips you think we missed? Other reasons to love Ukraine? Please let us know in the comments below.


$1 US Dollar = 26.51 Ukrainian Hryvnia
Ukraine (Україна)
Kyiv (Київ) Ukrainian and Kiev (Киев) Russian
Lviv (Львів)

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This is part of our Travel in Ukraine video series showcasing Ukrainian food, Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian cuisine.

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Guru Sandirasegaram says:

Definitely I really wanted visit Ukraine.
No doubts. Language is not the issues to me
Sign language is work for me.

Vadym Marchak says:

Like your blog guys! You are awesome! As a canadiens you are very polite, positive and very respectful. And thank you for your good words about Ukraine and ukrainians.

Uzhas Ua says:

Very, very, very good stuff! THNX

Max Minenko says:

You definitely should visit Odessa and Kharkiv as your next destinations in Ukraine.

J Suza says:

You guys should get it on in one of these videos. Watch the subscriptions roll in.

Tania K says:

I've noticed one thing about Canadians vs. Americans is that they tend to be more positive and kind giving their feedback and way more polite in general. Thank you guys for the video, and I'm glad you enjoyed your visit here.

Alexander Tepliak says:

you are really nice couple

Martin Drewelius says:

For a 70 UAH MacDonald meal, one can get 7 milk chocolate bars or 2 bottles of beer in a supermarket. So that meal was expensive.

Abdu says:

Hi there Sam & Audrey ! Am glad you enjoyed your tour ! But I have to inform you guys that there is a city called Kharkiv/kharkov which is way more beautiful and exciting than both lviv & Kiev combined ! I am going to give you guys some info :

Kharkiv has it's own international airport the airport code is : HRK

Kharkiv has the largest and best theme park in Ukraine and also classified as one of the best in Europe.

Kharkiv has a better metro system than Kiev , the metro stations are more historical and Beautiful than in Kiev.

Kharkiv has an abundance of monuments , sculptures , statues , public parks , street art and beautiful restaurants !

Kharkiv is a very beautiful and diverse city where you'll find out the everyone speaks both Russian & Ukrainian even English!

The hotels are awesome , the restaurants are great and most importantly there are lots of good services available !

Of course the architecture is so amazing you'll find out a breed of Soviet , European and even Nazi architecture ! And oh the churches there are so majestic and wonderful !

There are lots of stuff to do as a tourist ! There are old palaces , there are parks ummm bottom line tons of stuff !

One very important thing I forgot to mention Kharkiv is better than Kiev BUT cheaper !

Thanks Audrey & Sam for the beautiful videos I really enjoy watching your videos !

Larysa Knyazeva says:

Since then prices have been doubled

Alex Punk says:

+1 Like from Ukraine:)
Places for traveling: Odessa, of course, although Kharkiv. I've never been in Dnipro, but people say, it's a nice city too. But the main yo've seen – Kyiv and Lviv. There are some tourist routs with great nature in Carpatian mountains. And don't go to towns and willages – it's a hole.
№11 Reason – very strong and cheep (8 dollars for gramm) ganja)
Thanks for this nice video, i like, that you enjoy our country!)
Сала Україні!

mohammed Aldosary says:

I think Ukraine is not good for tourists

Майя Гуреева says:

Please come to Poltava – it's the heart of Ukraine, and it's spiritual capital. We also have tasty traditional meal – poltavski galushki, and special kind of borshch. If you will be in Poltava – you can write me, I'll show you everything)

Xx says:

Glad to hear you enjoyed your time in Ukraine). There are much more great places to see! 🙂

Iryna Shko says:

Thank you guys for saying much good things about my country 😉 Come back again 🙂

Анна Дудина says:

Guys, you should visit Chernivtsi. It’s a bit like Lviv, still even more quite and underestamated, though very beautiful

I Nyoman Adi Suastana says:

Hi Samuel and Audrey…..
Why don't you two try to visit Bali?

Igor Kucher says:

Thank you for a great review! Ukraine is also a great place for active sports, such as rock climbing or caving. This is very affordable and you do not need any experience to do that. You just need to join an organised trip and you'll get all the equipment and training by professionals. For instance the price for 2 day rock climbing trip near Kiev including everything and even food would be less than 50 eur! These activities are usually practiced only by locals cause foreigners don't usually know about them. I've taken a couchsurfer with me once on such a trip and he was super happy)) I would be happy to help anyone, who's interested

Perry Honeyman says:

Thank you guys great video

Victoria Bunik says:

You should visit Ukrainians Carpathian mountains, you can feel our true culture there and see even more of country's nature. I highly recommend it. As Ukrainian I really love visiting Carpathian mountains cuz there's a lot of Ukrainian culture there and the feeling of that is amazing ❤

Andrew Simar says:

Ukraine is a terrible country. I've been around the world, and I gotta say it's the only country that I consider to be a shithole. People are never smiling, rarely welcoming, never talking (even between each other), so rude, they rarely say "hello" totally xenophobic, grumpy… I've been in Kiev in summer, there is no tourists, and the buildings are mostly dark and ugly. Just a shithole. If you enjoy meeting people and if you are open minded, this middle age country isn't for you.
If you are interested in women : they are not more beautiful than in the rest of Europe, and they are absolutely narrow minded.

Zak Ratte says:

Спасибо но в такой гадюшник не ногой (

Ukraine Invites says:

Great video. Ukraine is a country a lot of visitors always love coming back for more. Ukraine has more to offer than this and so we will like to introduce you to a channel you can watch an up-to-date sights and sounds of the street of Kiev (Kyiv). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuLNq7kWiN_KaIgS_moEItQ/featured?view_as=subscriber. Follow this link above to see latest videos of Ukraine as a country. Cheers!

Kate Semenko says:

You should go to Chernivtsi i reccomend to visit castels in Khotyn and Kamenet's, and the national university

Alyona Nikolova says:

Hey guys! It was a pleasure to hear such a positive feedback about your Ukrainian adventures 🙂 There is this local site about Ukrainian attractions – http://ukrainer.net/en/ maybe it could be useful for you, to get inspired for your future visits. Cheers!

Olexiy Nagirny says:

Suggestion: I would suggest 2 places in Western Ukraine:
Kamyanets-Podilsky and Khotyn fortresses (old historic sites) – can be easily done in 2-3 days: really nice middle-aged styling and panoramic views, cuisine etc.
You can get a hotel or airbnb room just near Kamynets-Podilsky fortress and travel to Khotyn fortress from there on tourist bus and right from there you can travel to Chernivtsi.

Also, really glad to hear you liked Kyiv – you're welcome !

Monti alwan says:

Man! Is Michael Buble one of your relatives?

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