10 Mistakes to Avoid at Shanghai Disneyland | CHINA TRAVEL TIPS

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Save yourself valuable time and stress at Shanghai Disneyland by avoiding these mistakes. I’ve made all of these in the past and want to make sure you don’t do the same!

🏰 Shanghai Disneyland Travel Guide: https://tdrexplorer.com/shanghai-disneyland-planning-guide

👉🏼 10 Mistakes List: https://tdrexplorer.com/shanghai-disneyland-mistakes
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Chris is the main guy behind TDR Explorer which focuses on trip planning for the Disney Parks in Asia. Which includes Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Shanghai Disneyland! He ensures you have the best and most up-to-date information for your trip in English. He’ll sometimes venture to other Theme Parks in Asia too, just to spice it up a little.

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TDR Explorer says:

If you have any more tips to add (there are definitely way more than 10) add them in the comments! I also just updated our travel guide to Shanghai Disneyland, so please check it out if you're planning a trip!


ohplezz says:

Where do you buy the SIM card?

0Talal says:

Cool shirts!!

J J says:

We're in Shanghai for 6 hours(layover) and wanted to stop by Disney for a few hours so just experience and get a few pictures. Do you think its enough time to get there, take some pictures and get back to the airport?

My Name Is Glitter says:

I wanna go to Shanghai Disneyland so bad! 🙂

The Kid Who is Obsessed With Science says:

I went there a few years ago and made pretty much all of the mistakes.

Suad Moosa says:

Very useful info, thanks a ton

Vicky Daza Butler says:

Thank you so much!!! Are there any smoking areas? Please let me know. Thank you

Lisa WaffleWoman says:

Great video, love the t-shirts! I'm planning on visiting in November so will definitely follow your advice. I've heard that paying for things in Shanghai is a nightmare. Seems local apps like AliPay and WeChat are most common, but not so easy for foreigers to set up accounts. Can you pay with credit cards in Disney Shanghai?

Ramona Louisa Baliao says:

Wow we have a lot of mistakes we booked our trip this December on a new year eves and then we only have a 1 day pass. I hope we can still.enjoy our vacation there

Carm Skywalker says:

This is by far the best video made about Disneyland Shanghai ! I hope you them coming <3

Teddy Sutanto says:

Go to Disney Shanghai on December Mid.. Not much of Visitors.. we almost can ride all the rides.. It's a perfect time on that days… We went between 15-16 Dec last year. The weather was good not too cold during the day but at night it's chilling

Jia Qiao says:

Is Klook reliable because on google reviews for klook a lot of people mentioned that klook scammed them

barkingfox says:

Never ever ever go to Shanghai Disneyland during summer (maybe except for early and late summer). It will be guaranteed to be hot as hell, and my visit was one of my most miserable traveling experiences.

Lisa Brooks says:

And also thanks for the advice on fast passes! Super helpful video

Lisa Brooks says:

Thanks so much for the advice on getting a visa!!! I've been overwhelmed trying to figure it out!

Tamera Shields says:

Oh boy, headed there Wednesday and Thursday, how dirty and rude are the people there? I'm nervous..lol

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