10 Important ISRAEL travel tips 2019 (From a professional tour guide)

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Here are ten tips that can really help you plan your coming trip to Israel:

Israel Vacation Tip #1 – Spend weekdays outside the cities and weekends in the cities

Israel Vacation Tip #2 – Bear in mind the Jewish holidays

Israel Vacation Tip #3 – Israel is not cheap

Israel Vacation Tip #4 – The Negev Desert

Israel Vacation Tip #5 – Take advantage of Israel’s small size

Israel Vacation Tip #6 – Consult a map

Israel Vacation Tip #7 – Don’t hire a car in the cities

Israel Vacation Tip #8- Plan, plan, plan!

Israel Vacation Tip #9 – March is the best time to travel to Israel

Israel Vacation Tip #10 – Be open to new things

The full post with all the links – https://www.travelingisrael.com/israel-vacation-tips/

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My Booklets on Kindle- https://amzn.to/2RvHzTI

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John Carter says:

Great video

Gladys Hernández Salas says:

Hi! I’m going back to Israel next month and I want to know the company you work for, the one with red t shirts as uniforms please. I’ve taken tours with you before but I just can’t remember the name. Toda 🙂

Malespininity says:

Great video!

zenoviy leskiv says:

Would there be a problem for me driving on shabbat from dead sea to Jerusalem hotel or from Haifa to Jerusalem hotel?

Tito Babu says:

Thank you from Bangladesh.

Lar mobile says:

Good to know

João Batista Alves says:

Great video

lesila grace says:

You are very kind , thanks for you help really. your information helps us to really love coming to Israel and you r tips are very helpful.

P. Clayton D. Causey, CT says:

Can you drive straight along the Jordan from Galilee to the Dead Sea?

Domingo Hernández says:

Nice video! I'm planning to go in September. Greeting from Spain

Alex Diaz says:

Oren, I have to say that my girlfriend and I bumped into your channel by chance and now we've discovered you, you have become our official guide to Israel. We haven't come to Israel yet, but as soon as we will, I'd love to let you now in advance and see if we can meet up. We'll bring you anything you'd love to have from Spain. You must be proud because you have become the best ambassador of Israel. Count with two more fans and followers. Greetings from Spain and CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR AWESOME VIDEOS!!

Lore Loree says:

I wanna day tour to be baptized in Jordan river. Please help me

Alissa Koski says:

Very well said.

Discover Life Media says:

I'm digging it!

Barbara Krasowicz says:

Hello, I just discovered your videos and I love them! They are very helpful, I hope I can use this knowledge some day when I go to Israel 😀
I have a question- can I take photos/videos of soldiers in Israel or even take photos with them?

Benjamin Romano says:

Hello Oren im Ben from Mexico I'm planning a trip to israel in december with my family 3 kids wife and mom
We are going for mi oldest son barmitzva
Were do you recomend us to stay in Jerusalem and telaviv
Can we get in toch

No Copyright Audio Music Library for Creator says:

nice, awesome
keep sharing great video good job
I think I am saving this

Booboo C says:

Where can I find your book in Jerusalem? Thanks.

Jophy Kaipuzhakaran says:

I need booklets

Al Quezada says:

Good advise. I would like to know the best reference about public transportation within the cities and outside. Also advice about going into Jordan and back into Israel. Cheers.

jonathan foo says:

Heard good feedback from fellow travellers about u when i was there last MARCH/APRIL. Good tips too.

Jalaa Shaer says:

מחכים לסרטון של הגולן יא מלך
אוהבים אותך❤❤❤

ImmortalVampire19 says:

"If you feel you have paid more than it was worth, join the club" Hahahah

britneygottabudget says:

How can we book you for a tour?

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