10 Food Photography Tips and Tricks for Beginner Photographers

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NOTE: When I talk about deep depth of field, I really mean SHALLOW depth of field. Forgive me 😉

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Jatin Ahuja says:

thanks for sharing tricks

Nico Castillo says:

Great video. However, isn't "shallow depth of field"? And not deep?

B&H Artisan Bakery says:

Thank you for the video, well-done sir. Very helpful.

ronaldo Santos says:

Nice tips Sean. Very useful. I loved

Anders Trasborg Thomsen says:

Great video! Many tips I can use for sure!

Sabrina Araújo says:

You have such an easy going personality and way of explaining!! Keep up the videos!! New sub & fan!

WongNH says:

Love the video! Thanks for giving those tips 😀

Justin Landsman says:

Awesome video, Sean! These tips are perfect for travelers lookng to show off their eats to friends back home!

Jesse Forrest says:

Love the video Sean! Excellent advice that I will use the next time I shoot 🙂

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