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In this episode of China Travel Tips, I’m covering an unpleasant but necessary topic: Common Scams in China.

If you’re traveling to China for the first time or planning to visit soon, you may encounter some of these or NONE at all. I’m a firm believer that having awareness and knowledge is the best tool to avoid getting into unpleasant situations.

Don’t deter from my intention of spreading awareness as a warning of any sort. China is an amazing place to visit and I’ve always felt safe there. Happy and safe travels guys:)

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Hi there, my name is Dia.
I left Los Angeles in late 2017 and have been traveling ever since. I began making videos to keep myself grounded, and since then it has turned into my dream career! Taking the leap to chase my dream was scary at first, but sharing my stories and adventures with you guys have been an amazing part of it.

I hope to continue making travel vlogs and valuable guides to help and inspire others. Would love to get to know ya! Drop a comment and say hi 🙂


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cana dude says:

You may be the most beautiful woman in China.

吃茶猫 says:

These are general rules of travel, why titled China travel tips? Average IQ people can protect themselves with or without your tips, save it to yourself.

mukama chris says:


Mike Doom says:

I'm really looking forward to haggling over prices because I'm really good at it. I find it helps to chuckle a bit at their high offers… or would that be insulting in China?

Matt M says:

Do they still do the "art gallery" scams there?

Zenme Yangzi says:

“Pick pocketing”

Jerry Brown Travels says:

Great video your video is excellent and keeps me totally engaged and curious about what will come next.
We also have a YouTube video channel (Jerry Brown travels) so I'm always interested in good videos. Thank you and keep doing what you do it's appreciated by all. What's the next adventure? Let me know I'm curious

Babar Ali says:

Thanks for interesting information

veethevee Vong says:

How about scams in Italia , France?

ABDUL Qayyum says:

Hi baby I am from Pakistan I love you so much

Bud Wzr says:

Gee, what a surprise. Chinese will cheat you.

Tis'ur"Master'" says:

just ignore them all.

Kate Pagel says:

Thanks for the insider tips, Dia. I did not see your VPN suggestion… and, which mobile company works best on non-Chinese phones?

PETER LU says:

sure ill go to tea house with you if you pay 😀

Gee Speller says:

Was your raised in China you sound American

les fp says:

If the scammer looks like you I'd go bankrupt

Anish Tom says:

I wish the Chinese learnt British English .. wonder why most of the YouTubers are Speaking American?!

Abby Normal says:

I got really bad advice from a front desk worker at what seemed to be a very nice hotel in Moxi village near Gongga Shan. And while this was nearly 8 years ago, I still haven't forgot it. The bus was over booked and my wife and I were trying to get back to Chengdu. The hotel worker said that she would help us get transportation. That transportation ended up only being a couple miles and we were booted out of the car on the side of the high way. We ended up getting a ride from a truck delivering fruits and vegetables. Still, we got dropped off a good 20 miles outside Chengdu, but beggars can't be choosers.

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